TAG Application Packet Now Available

The TAG Application Packet is now available! If you’re interested in applying for the 2015-16 school year, please check out our process here!

TAG National Merit Recognition

TAG.NMSP.Recognized Students.2014.15

TAG is proud to congratulate a whopping 30 seniors for being recognized be the National Merit Scholarship Program this year. This means that a stunning 47% of our senior class of 2015 has been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Congratulations to:


National Merit Scholar Semifinalists

Matthew Brown (not pictured)

Lucas Chen

David Dela Cruz

Flannery Currin

Adrian Demopulous

Grace Enda

Christopher McDougal

Yousef Nofal

Alex Ravnik

Abigail Rees

Stephanie Xiong


National Achievement Scholar Semifinalist

Taylor Holloway


National Hispanic Scholars

Jordan Blanco

Alvaro Michael

National Merit Scholarship Commended Students

Dante Bria-Massaro

Yuri Choi

Preethi Fernandez

Braden Fineberg

Blaine Finstein

Arabella Jenkins

Mah-ro Khan

Amy Lupica

Alvaro Michael

Ruby Pandey

Benjamin Singer

Nesta Smith-Riordon


National Achievement Scholar Outstanding Participants

Stephen Blair

Zulkifl Jemal

Miles Longshaw

Jidenna Nwosu

Cameron Wicks

Abigail Cartwright Named AP State Scholar for Texas


Abigail Cartwright, who graduated from TAG Magnet in May of 2014, was recognized as the AP Texas State Scholar. This prestigious award is given to one male and one female student each year who had the highest average score on the highest number of AP exams taken over their entire high school career in the state of Texas. Abigail passed 20 Advanced Placement exams with an average score of 4.7 out of 5.0. Abigail graduated in May of 2014 and has gone on to attend Rice University on a full athletic scholarship for Track and Field!