Computer Science

The School for the Talented and Gifted has a unique and extraordinary four year computer science program. This program prepares all our students for success in a digital world that requires strong problem solving skills. Furthermore, many of our graduates have earned computer science degrees from the strongest universities in the world including MIT, Stanford, CMU, UT Austin, and Caltech.

Our computer science courses are taught by Judith Hromcik and RJulie Goode. Mrs. Hromcik is an experienced computer science teacher and a past member of the AP Computer Science A Test Development Committee. Ms. Goode has taught AP Computer Science and other Computer Science courses at the Singaporean American school previous to joining the TAG family.

The courses:

9th Grade AP Computer Science Principles
10th Grade AP Computer Science A
11th Grade Computer Science III Dual Credit
12th Grade Technology Applications Independent Study

 9th grade – AP Computer Science Principles

All freshman take this course where they learn basic problem solving skills and introductory programming skills using the Object Oriented Java programming language.

10th grade – AP Computer Science A

Most of our students elect to take this, the first of our three college level computer science courses. In this course, which is only taught in a few thousand secondary schools in the world, students continue developing their problem solving and programming skills. Our APCS program has been recognized by the College Board for “Leading the nation/world in helping the widest segment of their total school population attain college-level mastery of AP Computer Science.”

11th grade – Computer Science III Dual Credit

Students who elect to continue in this class earn college credit as they learn data structures, advanced algorithms, design patterns, and introductory discrete mathematics. This material is normally taught to university computer science majors beginning in their second semester.

12th grade – Technology Applications Independent Study

Seniors who take this course study discrete mathematics and functional programming using the Standard ML programming language. Both these subjects are normally studied in upper level advanced university level classes. But what’s most unique about this course is the learning environment. Students work together as a study group to organize, plan, and learn this material. The soft skills they acquire during this process is even more valuable than the advanced material they learn.