Mr. Mackey News

Hello TAG family!

Can you believe that the first two six weeks of the TAG school year are already finished?! Thank you to everyone who was able to join us at the TAG Picnic on October 22. It was a ton of fun! As we hurtle towards Thanksgiving Holidays and Winter Break, I wanted to take a few moments to update you on some of the exciting things going on at TAG.

Seniors are currently finishing up any Early Decision college applications so, if you see a stressed senior, remind them to breathe and relax! Seniors, while we know some of you are so busy, please make it a point to thank your recommenders and counselor. They’ve been working overtime to write recommendations and work with you (and your classmates!) on these applications.

We’ve also begun the recruiting and application season for next year’s TAG class. Our application packet went live last week and we’re headed out to local middle schools across the metroplex to talk to prospective 8th graders about TAG. If you know any 8th grade students who may be interested in learning more about TAG, please direct them to our school and website!

One last, exciting piece of news, is that we are in talks with the University of North Texas at Dallas (UNTD) about the possibility of an exciting partnership with UNTD, Bishop Dunne Catholic School, and Verizon. This partnership would target 5 – 10 of our current juniors who are interested in focusing their senior thesis on forming a task force to identify a systemic problem in their community and develop and implement a plan to work towards its solution. This would include funding for the work and would, hopefully, grow into a project that interested students could carry on year after year. While we’re still working through the details, it’s still very exciting stuff and we’re excited to share more information with you and your students as we receive it.

Thank you again for all your support of our school. We hope to see you at the PTSA coffee tomorrow morning!

Ben Mackey, Principal