TAG General Course Sequence

Below is an example of a general course sequence for a TAG student over the course of their four years here at TAG. This can vary substantially based on what credits a student already has or doesn’t have when they enter TAG.

9th Grade

Pre-AP English I
Pre-AP Geometry (generally)
AP World Human Geography
Pre-AP Biology
Foreign Language
Freshmen Seminar
AP Computer Science Principles
PE or Debate or Fine Arts


10th Grade

Pre-AP English II
Pre-AP Algebra II or Pre-Calculus
AP World History
Pre-AP Chemistry
Foreign Language
P.E. or Debate or Fine Arts


11th Grade

AP English Language & Comp
Pre-AP Pre-Calculus or AP Calc AB
AP US History
AP Physics I or I/II
AP Statistics
Foreign Language or Elective


12th Grade

AP English Literature & Comp
AP Calculus AB or BC
AP U.S. Government/AP Economics
AP Science (Bio, Chem, Env Sci, etc)
Independent Study (Senior Thesis)
Foreign Language or Elective