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Mr. Templet


Courses Taught: AP English Literature, Pre-AP English II

Teacher Bio: Philip H. Templet has been teaching for forty-three years, and he will probably teach several years more. When he was working among the Catholic schools in and around New Orleans, he could not conceive being anywhere else. Then, a life-changing moment, and, now in Texas, he wonders why he took so long getting here. Templet has taught AP English and Pre-AP and Honors English classes for as long as he has been in the classroom. Exploring the components of life’s complex truths and helping young people refine their ability to express themselves still energize him.

Mr. Templet has been a reader for the College Board for ten years.  He has served as a consultant for the College Board, NMSI, and Confer.


2017-18 AP English Literature and Composition Syllabus

Clubs Sponsored:  “Inklings,” the TAG literary magazine; the Writing Club

Loves: Reading, teaching, yoga, traveling and family.