TREK Supplies Needed

This year’s TAG TREK – a three-day, full-school, off-campus, project-based experience – will take place on September 26 – 28 at Ellis Davis Fieldhouse. This year’s TREK will be Social Studies TREK called ‘The Invisible Hand.’ More details about the components of the TREK will be available soon! However, we are in dire need of supplies for TREK! If you have any of the following to let TAG borrow for the duration of TREK, please send it to the TAG office anytime between now and September 16! If you have questions about if we need something, please contact Ms. Malone at

Supplies Needed:

  • Lego Blocks* (basic lego blocks, many of them!) *Disclaimer: We cannot guaruntee that you will get the exact same lego blocks back because we will need to mix them together! Think of it as a perfect time to get rid of all those Legos you have stashed in a closet or attic from your student’s youth!
  • Visors (22)
  • Construction or Safety Vest (44)
  • Shoe boxes (50)
  • Duct Tape (44 rolls in various colors)
  • Markers
  • Paper Boxes (22)

Volunteers Needed: We need 9 parent volunteers to man stations and chaperone students during each of the three days of TREK. You can sign up for volunteering at the VOLUNTEERSPOT WEBSITE SIGNUP. You will receive more specific information in mid September about the logistics.